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Legend of Xianwu – Xianwu Emperor

Legend of Xianwu – Xianwu Emperor is now available at Visit chineseanimes to watch all episodes of this Donghua | Anime in english subtitle and multisub. Keep visiting Chinese Animes for more Donghua Information and updates.
Legend of Xianwu 2nd Season, 仙武传 第二季, Legend of Xianwu, Xianwu Emperor
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2023 Country: Type: Donghua Censor: Censored Posted by: Han Li Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Legend of Xianwu – Xianwu Emperor

Watch Legend of Xianwu – Xianwu Emperor on Chineseanimes. Ye Chen, a disused apprentice from the sect, was expelled from the sect and had no home to call home. By chance, he got a real fire by chance, and then embarked on the road of immortal martial arts. This is a world where gods, demons, immortals, and Buddhas stand side by side. This is an era of chaos in the heavens and myriad realms. Ye Chen’s journey against the sky began from this point, and after going through hardships and reincarnation, he finally reached the pinnacle of the great road .


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